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Patient Stories

Hope in Sight

This old lady has nobody in her family except a grandson. When she became blind in both eyes due to cataract she became totally dependent on her grandson for routine work. Hence her grandson had to leave his daily labour work and stay at home to take care of his grandma. Even the lady had got her hair cut as she could not comb daily. Finally when she was operated on for her cataract at Trilochan Netralaya, Sambalpur free of cost she became self dependent and her grandson could earn for his livelihood also.

Falling in Love Again!

This old couple came to our hospital through a cataract screening camp. The old man had lost vision in one of his eyes since childhood and could not see in his only seeing eye for the past few months due to advanced cataract. Gradually his wife also developed blurred vision in one eye due to cataract. Being abandoned by four sons they were dependent on an old-age pension of $7 USD for their livelihood. In this situation they couldn't dare to think of getting their vision back through a cataract surgery. In a cataract screening camp our outreach team diagnosed both of them to have cataract and brought them to the hospital for a free cataract surgery. The very next day of surgery this poor old couple got their sight back. The happy moment when the husband rediscovered his wife after a long time brought tear to everyone's eyes.

Blindness is the greatest tragedy next to death

Being abandoned by her four sons this 77 yrs old lady became very much frustrated and depressed in her life when she could not see anything due to advanced cataract in both eyes. Her life had become a burden for her. Can you imagine the impact of blindness in a person's life for whom there was nobody to take care of her daily activities? Somebody has truly said that blindness is the greatest tragedy next to death. But the most beautiful thing is that a 5 mins cataract surgery can restore the sight and change the whole world for that person. This happened for this poor old lady too. When she was brought to Trilochan Netralaya through an outreach camp and escorted to operation theatre she was very much frightened as she was not able to see what was happening with her blind eyes. But the very next day when we removed the bandage and she could see everything as before her joy knew no bounds.

A tale of four blind eyes

This couple was found to have cataracts in both of their eyes in an outreach camp. They were not able to afford cataract surgery. Their joy knew no bounds when they were given an offer of free cataract surgery at Trilochan Netralaya. A simple cataract surgery in one eye of each changed their lives altogether. They became quite independent and productive post surgery. They were overwhelmed by the service provided at Trilochan Netralaya. It is said that people don't respect things when they get free of cost. But that is not true for all. Getting lost eyesight free of cost for those who can't even dream of living a basic livelihood is truly respectable.

A ray of hope

She was a child when she developed a juvenile cataract in both eyes. She lost her eyesight completely in the right eye and was able to sight feebly in the left eye. Gradually the cataracts matured making her blind in both eyes for the last 2 years. She has been suffering from this eye ailment since her childhood for the last 15 years or so. Before losing her eyesight in both eyes she was engaged in livelihood activities like Bidi making and Agri-labour & earning some money which was helping her family. She was forced to discontinue these activities after she lost her eyesight. She has lost both of her parents since the last 5 years and is staying with her Aunty. She is not welcomed in their house and looked down upon as a burden. But she has no other option but is forced to stay there totally depending on them. She got an operation on her left eye 3 months back at Trilochan Netralaya free of cost . She was able to see clearly in her left eye and got a better response from her relatives as she helped them in their household chores and became useful. She has come again to get treated for her right eye at the Trilochan Campus. She is quite hopeful that she will resume her livelihood and contribute more to the household chores so that she can lead a dignified life of hope in future.

Picture speaks more than words

65 yrs old lady lives with her chronically ill husband, a mentally retarded daughter and a lovely grand daughter. As nobody in the family is earning they are dependent on begging for their livelihood. She was blind in both eyes due to cataract. Our outreach team identified her and brought her for a free cataract surgery. After she got her sight back and went back to her home she rushed to her granddaughter and hugged her with a big smile as she could see everything clearly.



Bagchi foundation

Mr Subroto Bagchi and Mrs Sushmita Bagchi

A child of the information technology revolution of the last four decades who has seen the world, I was on a quest to see the work of a little known eye doctor who had done 50,000 cataract operations for the poorest of the poor in the districts of Balangir and Sambalpur and Kalahandi, the last of which invokes memories of starvation deaths and destitute mothers selling their babies. It was a lovely and divine experience to visit this hospital and God willing, will be a long and fruitful one.

IAS, Ex RDC, Sambalpur

Niranjan Sahu,

Trilochan Netralaya is doing a great yeoman service in the western part of the state as well as the eastern part in the area of eye care. I am really motivated to see the dedicated group of hospitals with Dr Sahoo. In the days to come this organization will bring many more laurels for itself and for the state.

Ex CSR Head, Mahindra and Mahindra

Mr Sushil Singh

I was amazed to see what Dr Shiva has created in Sambalpur. All staff are fully dedicated to the cause. I wish them all the best for future endeavors to cure avoidable blindness.

Executive Director, Lions Aravind Institute of Community Ophthalmology, Madurai

Mr Thulasiraj Ravilla

It is inspiring to see the efforts to provide quality eye care to the people of Odisha where there is an acute dearth of good eye care. A beginning has been made and the passion is strong. Wish the team the very best.

Sankara eye foundation, USA

Murali Krishnamoorthy

Exemplary work. Great team led by Dr Sahoo. One of the best facilities we have seen. We wish you all the best in eradicating blindness in Odisha.

Sankara Eye Foundation, USA

R Sundar

Great work! Inspiring leadership! Great team! Very impressive commitment by all! Look forward to a cataract blind free Odisha!

Chairman, Vision Spring

Mr Nilamadhaba Prusty

Felt privileged to visit this institution. The evolution is inspiring, execution is immaculate, growth strategy is vision driven. Team is an asset. Future looks bright. A great institution in the making… My very best wishes.

Consultant Ophthalmologist. Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore

Dr Rupesh Agrawal

Dr Shiva, a true leader, visionary. More than anything- selfless person and surgeon. He is not worried about name and fame but single handedly trying to challenge the system where doctors like me move away from our responsibility to enjoy a lucrative life in developed countries. What Sambalpur needs is a tertiary eye care centre and with leaders like Dr Shiva, I see that coming. All my best wishes to this great man who is really Bharat Ratna for me.

Director, PT Hiranyavarnaam Alkalies Indonesia

Mr Rajesh Sethia

What can I say? When I got married I decided to have a simple ceremony and donate the money for eye sight to those who needed it. For 20 years this remained just a pledge. Then I heard about Dr Shiva and decided to redeem my pledge as I found the true person to do it.

Director, The Vision Mission, Consultant at Singapore National Eye Centre.

Dr Jayant V Iyer

The service minded spirit of Dr Shiva has permeated across all levels of staff @TN who serve the community with dedication and commitment.

CEO,Charity Vision International, Utah, USA

Mr Doug Jackson

Wow! What an impressive vision for the future. It is our honor to be a partner with such an amazing couple. Shiva and Sindhu are a couple made in heaven. Thank you for inspiring me to be better.

Second Sight, UK

Dr Lucy Mathen

Great to meet the team of dynamic young doctors and staff. You have been through ups and downs but your commitment, hope, love for humanity will always get you to achieve your closest-felt vision.

Retired ophthalmologist / Trustee of IRIS Asia, UK

Dr Andy Richards

It has been a pleasure to visit Trilochan Netralaya on behalf of Second Sight in order to find out more about what is happening here which we hope will continue to grow over the years and make the dreams of your remarkable leader Dr Shiva come true in a way that will benefit the poor blind patients throughout the surrounding area, transforming their and their family lives by restoring their sight through the excellent work of the whole team.

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