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Trilochan Netralaya (from now on referred to as “we”, “us”, “Trilochan Netralaya” is the author and publisher of the internet resources and its sub domain’s (together referred to as “websites”) on the world wide web as well as other software and applications provided by Trilochan Netralaya, including but not limited to the mobile applications (referred to as “App” and together with websites referred to an as “Services”. This Privacy Statement relates to the gathering of, processing, disclosure and use, in whatever context requires in the case of Personal Sensitive Data (PSI) or other information as defined in the SPI Rules to mean any information that pertains to a person who is a natural that is voluntarily disclosed in the hands of Trilochan Netralaya and/or any of its affiliates (collectively “We” or “Company”) that includes its affiliates.

PSI is committed to safeguarding PSI’s privacy and integrity, and this privacy declaration provides the best way to solve these issues. The Privacy Statement describes the kinds of personal information we collect, the methods we process, use, protect and disclose this information, and the rights of individuals to regulate how we use and disclose the data.
Personal data could be transferred to other subsidiaries that are part of the company networks (each one of them is an individual and independent legal entity) if the goal for that the customer’s data has to fulfil is achieved.

In confirming that this Privacy Statement binds you (Using the methods provided on this Website or App), When you use the Services or give us Personal Information in another way, you agree to the Policies and Practices outlined in this Privacy Policy. You hereby consent to our collection, use, and share your information as described in this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to modify, alter, add, or remove portions of this Privacy Policy’s Conditions, at our sole discretion, at any moment. Don’t use any of The Customer Services, or provide us with any information If You Are Not In Agreement with this Privacy Policy at Any time. Suppose you use the Services on behalf of a person (such as your kid) or an entity. In that case, You represent that you have authorized that individual or business to agree with this privacy statement on their behalf.

Data Collect

We may obtain private data from patients, company staff, company managers and other individuals accessing this Website or to whom we provide facilities/services or with whom we have concluded contractual contracts for the purchase and/or supply of products and/or services other than allowing us to better understand the website users and improve the layout and functionality of without prejudice to the generality of the above, “PSI” collected by us from you may include (but is not limited to) the unrestricted insurance policy data (such as your insurance carrier and insurance scheme), demographics (such as sex, date of birth and address of accommodation), medical and health records (such as your medical history and conditions, diagnostic records, prescriptions and history of drugs), contact details (name, email address and phone number), biometrics information, or any other information that any individual chose to provide us willingly and feedback including services/product reviews. We also collect information on job positions from our client’s suppliers, clients, and other business contacts. This information usually includes addresses, names, telephone numbers, emails addresses and even work titles.

We collect PSI via this WebsiteWebsite which visitors voluntarily and freely provide to disclose. Our policy limits the data we collect to the minimum information required to complete an application for visitors. Visitors are also able to send emails through this site. The emails will include information like the screen name and the person’s address and any additional information the user may like to include in their message. Since we utilize this WebsiteWebsite to recruit, a search on this site could lead users to send resumes to employees or an officer of a company, which may include more detailed details.

Utilization of Personal Information

The main goal in PSI collection is to accomplish the following:

Offering services.

Respond to a request made by an individual.

Be informed of the services we provide to patients and other people.

General-purpose management and reporting like managing accounts and invoicing.
Recruitment of personnel and internal services.

Any other legitimate purpose related to our business and the execution of the legitimate agreement.

PSI information we collect through this website, or any other means, is used to fulfil the purpose stated when collecting the information or to fulfil the purposes mentioned above. We do not collect any information regarding visitors to our WebsiteWebsite through other websites like public documents or entities, or private companies. Due to the communication standards used on the Internet, whenever someone is visiting this website, we get the URL for this WebsiteWebsite instantly from the source they visit. We also collect every computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address (or the proxy server that allows them to connect to this World Wide Web), the operating system used by the user’s device/computer and web browser type emails, web browser type, and ISP name. The information we collect is used to evaluate general trends to enhance our service. There may be a relationship between an IP address and personally identifiable data of the user; however, it will not be shared with any other third-party organizations. However, however, we may provide a portion of the general outcomes (but not the specific data) in anonymized format with our clients, partners with strategic value and other partners to help us in helping our business to grow.

This website can make use of cookies to store certain information (that isn’t sensitive personal information or data), which is utilized by our partners and ourselves to manage the technical aspects of this site as well as research and development as well as for any administrative needs of users. We can permit authorized third parties to install or acknowledge a specific cookie on the device of the user as part of offering ads or optimizing our services to our customers. But, these cookies will not contain the user’s personal information. Our associates and we will not be responsible for any security breach or for the actions of third parties or any measures beyond our control or that are beyond the reasonable control of our associates’ actions, which include cyber-hacking, public actions and insecure access to computer information and storage devices computer crashes, infractions of security and encryption and poor performance for the users’ Internet or telecommunication service and so on.

Information Disclosure Personal Information

We do not divulge or transmit private information of an individual to other organizations on a regular basis unless we have the prior and express approval of the individual or the entity that is providing the data on behalf of those individuals or in the event that:

The disclosure or transfer of information in connection with court orders, orders or requests from authorities in the legal system or law enforcement agencies that require disclosure, is permissible by the Privacy Statement or any disclosure or transfer is required by law.

This disclosure will assist in identifying, preventing, or taking action regarding illegal and unlawful actions, suspected fraud, economic crimes, security or safety security of anyone and/or violation of conditions of making use of the website or defence against legal claims.

Utilize or process the information in accordance with the reason the data was collected, and disclosure is required.

We will not disclose or share, sell, or lease any personal information to any third party other than as described in this Privacy Statement allowed by the law. If an individual wishes to update or modify any information, he or she may do so by writing to us at, and we will stop using or altering his or her personal information in the future.

Personal Data Retention

It doesn’t also store any of the information we get. Information provided by visitors to contact us (such as information generated) through registration to gain access to areas of this site) will be used for as long as the information is needed to fulfil the reason it was gathered or when a user asks us to remove the information or as legally required. The mail list, the message board and emails will be kept as long as it is required to satisfy the requests of visitors. Information we save will be destroyed or erased within a reasonable time frame when it is not needed anymore. However, it is possible that we require copies of data (which could contain private information) for reasons of personal record-keeping or to comply with applicable legislation or professional rules, which could require more than just data security and privacy laws and regulations.

We (and our partners) ensure that the security procedures and protocols are put into place in line with the data collected and the fundamentals of our industry. The safest safety practices and processes we use include, but are not limited to, encryption of data in transit by using industry-standard methods, changing passwords and keys for manufacturing regularly secure access to the manufacturing servers, frequent security updates to the servers we use, and much more.

Intellectual Property

You acknowledge and agree that all copyright, trademarks, and all other intellectual property rights in all materials and/or content made available as part of your use of shall remain entrusted to us or our licensors at all times. You may only make use of the content and/or material when our licensors or we have explicitly approved the use of it.


On the Internet, there are new technologies appearing that could help us provide visitors with a customized experience. Trilochan Netralaya may use such new technologies, including cookies or other technologies, to remember your information when you use We may use such technologies for tracking activity on, preparing reports, assessing trends, and otherwise monitoring the way in which is being used. By accepting the Terms of use of and this Privacy Policy, you confirm your consent to Trilochan Netralaya’s use of cookies, and other such technologies, for these purposes. You can configure up your Internet browser to erase all cookies on your computer’s hard drive or block the use of all cookies. You can also display an alert when the cookie is saved in the event that you do not want to save them.

Acceptance of the policy

You acknowledge the fact that the Privacy Policy is an element of the Website’s Terms of Use and other terms of Usage, and you acknowledge that using the Website, App, and its services implies your agreement to the Privacy Policy. Your use of the website, Usage of the App, as well as Usage of the Services is in compliance with this privacy policy as well as the Terms of Use.

Secure and Confidentiality

To safeguard your personal data from being lost or misused that is authorized to gain access to or as well as modification of, destruction or alteration of personal information, The firm has used generally recognized technological and operational security standards. Access to your personal data is restricted to approved personnel, and this staff have agreed to maintain the confidentiality, security and integrity of this information. The Company adheres to standard business practices and employs reasonable organizational and technical security measures to safeguard the personal information that is under our control; any illegal or unauthorized access or access to the regulatory environment may expose information. Likewise, transmission or private communication methods or interceptions can be misused or misused by users or third individuals.
Trilochan Netralaya. We are not responsible for unauthorized access or use of the information by other third parties unless that access is enabled by our willful or gross negligence. error”


Any changes or modifications to our Privacy Policy will be posted on, and with respect to any Personal Information and other information we collect in the future, it will become effective as of the date of posting. Your responsibility is to check the Privacy Policy regularly to ensure you are informed of any modifications. We do not notify changes to our Privacy Policy by email, and the same would be incorporated into this Privacy Policy directly and upon operating After such incorporation, it is deemed that you have accepted such incorporations/amendments etc.

The Company is entitled to modify or change this statement at any time, at any time, and without notice due to administrative, legislative, technical, or legislative reasons. Any changes will be deemed to have taken effect when posted on, and it is your responsibility to read the terms on each occasion you use

Should you have questions about this Privacy Policy or Trilochan Netralaya’s information collection, use, and disclosure practices, You will email us at, and we will make every effort to respond to any message, questions, or complaints you may have about our use of your personal information as quickly as possible.

In the event that you are concerned about a complaint regarding the processing of your personal information, You may express your complaint to

the Grievance Manager:


Trilochan Netralaya

Address: Budharaja Rd, near Over Bridge, Danipali, Sambalpur, Odisha 768004

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