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We provide comprehensive and quality eye care services to all patients at an affordable price. Equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and skilled clinical staff we diagnose and treat most of the eye diseases with compassion and care. We are committed to provide ethical treatment to all irrespective of their financial status.

Apart from all types of sophisticated equipment like IOL master, Bscan,Fundus camera, OCT, Humphrey visual field analyser, YAG laser, PRP laser etc we also have inhouse opticals and laboratory services.

Cataract and Refractive services

We offer both SICS and Phaco surgery with high end phaco machine and help our patients to choose the most suitable lens for them. Choice of premium IOLs such as multifocal and toric IOL is also there. We also offer phakic IOL surgery to correct high refractive errors and help them to enjoy spectacle free life.

Glaucoma Services

Being the second most common cause of avoidable blindness in India, glaucoma needs special attention in terms of treatment care as well as awareness creation. To create awareness at the clinic we educate our patients about the need for glaucoma screening above the age of 40years through various education materials and videos. We provide free glaucoma family screening cards to our glaucoma patients by which their family members can undergo eye examination free of cost. As the treatment part we offer medical, laser and surgical treatment for glaucoma.

Retina services

We have modern diagnostic tools and multimodal imaging facilities to diagnose various retinal diseases. Our retina unit is equipped with Fundus camera, Fluorescein angiography, B scan ultrasonography and Optical coherence tomograpy.It has both medical and surgical retinal wing to treat different diseases. Medical retina includes laser treatment and Intravitreal injections and Surgical retina includes vitreoretinal surgery. Laser treatments are provided for diseases like diabetic retinopathy,retinal vein occlusion,macular edema,central serous chorioretinopathy. Common retinal diseases which are treated by vitreoretinal surgery include retinal detachment,macular hole and vitreous haemorrhage due to various causes.

Miscellaneous services

We also treat other eye diseases like conjunctivitis, dacryocystitis, pterygium, chalazion,corneal ulcer, neuro ophthalmological diseases and pediatric cataract.

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