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Hope in Sight

This old lady has nobody in her family except a grandson. When she became blind in both eyes due to cataract she became totally dependent on her grandson for routine work. Hence her grandson had to leave his daily labour work and stay at home to take care of his grandma. Even the lady had… Continue reading Hope in Sight

Falling in Love Again!

This old couple came to our hospital through a cataract screening camp. The old man had lost vision in one of his eyes since childhood and could not see in his only seeing eye for the past few months due to advanced cataract. Gradually his wife also developed blurred vision in one eye due to… Continue reading Falling in Love Again!

Blindness is the greatest tragedy next to death

Being abandoned by her four sons this 77 yrs old lady became very much frustrated and depressed in her life when she could not see anything due to advanced cataract in both eyes. Her life had become a burden for her. Can you imagine the impact of blindness in a person’s life for whom there… Continue reading Blindness is the greatest tragedy next to death

A tale of four blind eyes

This couple was found to have cataracts in both of their eyes in an outreach camp. They were not able to afford cataract surgery. Their joy knew no bounds when they were given an offer of free cataract surgery at Trilochan Netralaya. A simple cataract surgery in one eye of each changed their lives altogether.… Continue reading A tale of four blind eyes

A ray of hope

She was a child when she developed a juvenile cataract in both eyes. She lost her eyesight completely in the right eye and was able to sight feebly in the left eye. Gradually the cataracts matured making her blind in both eyes for the last 2 years. She has been suffering from this eye ailment… Continue reading A ray of hope

Picture speaks more than words

65 yrs old lady lives with her chronically ill husband, a mentally retarded daughter and a lovely grand daughter. As nobody in the family is earning they are dependent on begging for their livelihood. She was blind in both eyes due to cataract. Our outreach team identified her and brought her for a free cataract… Continue reading Picture speaks more than words

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