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She was a child when she developed a juvenile cataract in both eyes. She lost her eyesight completely in the right eye and was able to sight feebly in the left eye. Gradually the cataracts matured making her blind in both eyes for the last 2 years. She has been suffering from this eye ailment since her childhood for the last 15 years or so. Before losing her eyesight in both eyes she was engaged in livelihood activities like Bidi making and Agri-labour & earning some money which was helping her family. She was forced to discontinue these activities after she lost her eyesight. She has lost both of her parents since the last 5 years and is staying with her Aunty. She is not welcomed in their house and looked down upon as a burden. But she has no other option but is forced to stay there totally depending on them. She got an operation on her left eye 3 months back at Trilochan Netralaya free of cost . She was able to see clearly in her left eye and got a better response from her relatives as she helped them in their household chores and became useful. She has come again to get treated for her right eye at the Trilochan Campus. She is quite hopeful that she will resume her livelihood and contribute more to the household chores so that she can lead a dignified life of hope in future.

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